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5 Easy Tips – How to Make Waking Up Early Easier

If you are wondering how to make waking up early easier so that you can start working out in the mornings, then you are in luck! You don’t have to change your entire life just to get in an early workout or start an early morning workout routine. This begs the question: does waking up early EVER get any easier? The answer is YASSSS! 

When I am offering nutritional counseling to new clients, one of the most important questions I have to ask my clients is how much exercise they are getting. And not surprisingly with how busy people are these days, the answer is often and unfortunately “very little.”

While attempting to help people find a good time of day to start developing a practical workout routine, I have found that their nights are flooded with family time, get-togethers or the ever-popular Netflix binge.

How to Make Waking Up Easier for Morning Workouts - RDRx Nutrition [Women Working Out in the Morning]

Mornings: Perhaps the Best Time for a Workout

I totally get it…Waking up early is really just the worst sometimes. Most of the time it’s hard to imagine getting into the shower let alone getting your butt moving for the early morning Crossfit class. Yet for most people it is the best time to workout, because it offers uninterrupted free time.  And that’s not all: because you can beat the rush to the gym, it’s easier for your body to create energy throughout the day and bonus: it has amazing psychological benefits like heightened self-confidence and making it easier to get into a healthy sleep routine.

4 Easy Tips – How to Make Waking Up Early Easier

Don’t start cringing just yet! These are simple, but oftentimes overlooked ways to make waking up early easier so that you can get your butt moving.


Do not even think about hitting that snooze button. I MEAN IT! Countless sleep studies have shown that using a snooze button can have negative long term effects on not just waking up in the mornings, but your sleep long-term nighttime habits as well.

If the vexing sounds of your alarm make it too tempting, consider trying a wake-up light.


Lay out your clothes the night before…or you could… ya know… sleep in them. You do you, but make sure that gym bag is packed!


Find a buddy to work out with in the mornings, or if you are feeling like a social butterfly, find a or an early workout class to hold you accountable. Even long distance swolemates count! Not into making friends at the gym? Find a  show, podcast or  audio book to listen to/watch while you are working out.


I can’t stress this one enough. If you get in the routine of getting up early, trust me you’ll be tired enough by 10pm. I personally start to wind down with tea and a quality pillow around 7:30 in the evening these days. Going to bed and waking up early go hand-in-hand with each other.


There are truly only so many hours in the day. Because we are only human, that means that sometimes you need to do some of today’s work tomorrow. Writing down the things you need to do tomorrow, even just as a list, and keeping it next to your bed can help alleviate racing thoughts. My personal favorite planner is the Pursuit Goal Journal! because it has goal-tracking and some practical mindfulness, productivity and motivational features. Learn more > 

The Benefits of Waking Up Early for Your Workouts

The benefits of AM workouts are amazing! You can hit your fitness goals before breakfast, finish a load of laundry, walk the dog, enjoy an espresso, imagine what you can get done by waking up earlier.


  • Gives your metabolism a jump start
  • Increases your mental and physical energy levels
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Prevents and reduces the risk of disease, including blood pressure-related illnesses, diabetes, heart disease, cancer; and boosts the immune system

Perhaps the greatest perk is that you will start your day with an awesome attitude and a feeling of accomplishment.!

Find Something to Look Forward to For Your Early Morning Workout

Before you commit to a morning workout routine, be sure that you have something to look forward to when you wake up! That could come in so many different forms – a new outfit, a new breakfast recipe, or a new type of coffee!

Of course, what kind of dietitian would I be if I didn’t demonstrate how I have done this very thing? Over time I have developed a morning ritual with healthy habits.

I feel motivated to get up earlier than I need to most mornings after treating myself to a new espresso maker so that I can REALLY get moving for while I’m getting ready, and a french press. for when I sit down and relax to read some of my favorite blogs for a few minutes before it’s time to get going. Okay, I’ll admit it: I went all out. Because I did this for my health, I can assure you it was well worth it.

If a new espresso maker isn’t on the table for you just yet, then seriously – treat yourself to the french press to start with, or even just an upgraded coffee maker. 

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