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7 Healthyish Holiday Tips

With the holidays, some of us worry about “falling off the wagon” and “gaining 100 pounds”. Remain calm! 

Be mindful and enjoy it. Below are my healthy holiday tips and to help keep you on track. 

7 Healthyish Holiday Tips:

1.) Choose wisely. Enjoy your favorite treats and pass on ones that aren’t so amazing. For example, skip the rolls if they are hard and stale. Move along and don’t waste your carbs on the lame ones.

2.) Fill half the plate with nonstarchy veggies. This enforces portion control. Balance it out! Be that relative who brings a strawberry spinach salad or roasted brussel sprouts with pomegranate seeds (red and green, catch that?). It doesn’t have to be a boring veggie tray.

3.) Don’t forget to eat your veggies first. Vegetables are more nutrient dense than let’s say the sausage and cheese tray and this strategy helps you actually eat them before you are too full.

4.) Exercise, don’t just fall into a food coma. Plan time to get moving. The holidays can be stressful and with extra treats it’s important to stay active. Whether it’s cleaning, going for a walk, doing a family 5k, shoveling snow, just do it!

5.) Wait before grabbing seconds. Pack up a few leftover foods you really wanted but couldn’t fit on your plate. You’ll have another meal and not feel like you missed out. From personal experience, hide it or someone may grab your Tupperware from the fridge “by accident”.

6.) Sugar sweetened beverages and alcohol can add up quick. Be aware of your liquid calories and if that’s how to cope with family stress…focus on other strategies. Eggnog, white russians and peppermint mochas are almost a meals worth of calories! Watch your serving sizes and try drinking water in-between.

7.) Eating Clean. But seriously, wash your hands, cook foods to the right temperature, and prepare meals in a clean kitchen. No one wants to “eat dirty”.

Remember the holidays are about more than the food. Spend time enjoying conversations with family members, practice gratitude, take time to relax, etc. Stop worrying about every bite you take and focus on other aspects of the season.

Stay positive, set realistic goals, and don’t stress about a perfect diet. Get back on track and get moving! Hope these healthyish holiday tips helped!

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Holiday Baking Ideas:

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Sugar alternatives, that I use:

Sugar 2.0 + Probiotics


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