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5 Tips for Meal Prep

Best 5 Tips for Meal Prep 

As a dietitian, I am always encouraging my clients to meal prep. However, meal prepping can seem very daunting and overwhelming. The key is deciding what meal planning and prep means to you and assessing what works with your schedule and lifestyle. You do NOT need to prep for all 7 days it’s important to have flexibility. Prepping for days that are busier may be helpful to have nourishing foods available to you making it easier to make healthy choices. Here are my top 5 tips for meal prep!

Here’s 5 Tips for Meal Prep:

1.) Pick a day and find time in your schedule. Do the cooking in advance, because no one wants to cook on busy nights or during the week. I personally like Sunday mornings, I turn on some music and get preppin’

2.) Look through the pantry and your refrigerator. See what foods you already have to work with. This will help you come up with meal ideas. 

3.) Pick recipes and plan for leftovers. I personally cook 2-4 crockpot recipes a week and pack up the leftovers for lunches and busy nights. For breakfast I choose two different recipes and alternate throughout the week. 

4.) Make a grocery list and get to the store. Be organized and do your research to make a complete list. 

5.) Make your meals balanced including lean protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats etc.

P.S You will need Tupperware or these awesome meal trays and an insulated lunch box!


Reasons Plan Ahead for Meals:

  • Reduces stress during the week
  • Helps you avoid junk food and eating out
  • Saves your budget and waistline
  • Portion control
  • It’s an investment in your health

Favorite Meal Prep Recipes:


Overnight Oats

Banana Waffles 

Veggie Breakfast Hash


Snack Plates Ideas


Steak Fajita Bowl

Chicken Vegetable Feta Bake

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