Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Let’s talk about how to eat healthy while traveling!

It can be so easy, there’s no need to overcomplicate it and just settle for junk food. I personally love to pack up some of my produce before I leave so it’s not wasted and filling my bag with nutrient-dense snacks. Here are some strategies whether you’re headed to the airport or on a road trip most can be applied. 

Pack your first meal, start off strong 

Healthy Eating Travel Day Example:

Pack a yogurt or cottage cheese, lean protein, veggies and fruit for the way out there!

Mini Travel Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt + clementine 

Snack:  6-12 nuts + egg

Lunch: Turkey & veggie wrap + apple 

Snack: Fresh cut veggies + hummus

These are easy to pack ahead of time, eat in the car or keep in a cooler

Find grocery store options in the area

When visiting a new place, locate the nearest grocery store. Having healthy options and fresh foods available can be a huge help! Typically, your routine is thrown off because of travel, so having healthy options such as fruit, avocados, nuts/seeds or nut butter, dried fruit, olives, dried meat or jerky in your room can help you stay on track with your health goals. You’ll save money and have more control over portions with your regular foods!

Request a mini-fridge for your hotel or bring a cooler for your car

When you make your reservation for a hotel, ask if you can get a small refrigerator. Every hotel has them for medical purposes. By having a fridge there are so many foods and snacks you could have on hand including leftovers from eating out. 

Upgrade your cooler and plan out some meals that are easy to travel with! I recommend hard-boiled eggs or frittatas, fruit, veggies, sandwich supplies and always lots of water. It’s easy to pick up ice at gas stations and it saves time if you’re not trying to sit down and wait for restaurant food. 

Bring “emergency” snacks that are going to keep you full

Be prepared with snacks you can keep in your car or work bag. I call these “emergency snacks”. The key here is to avoid junky processed snacks that leave you hungry and unsatisfied. Protein- and fat-containing foods will fill you up and get you through those long conference days or being out and about exploring. So instead of empty-calorie snack packs, try things like nuts/seeds or nut butter packets, jerky, tuna packets, and real food bars. My favorites are RX and Epic Bars. Pair your protein and fat options with packable fruit like a couple of cuties or an apple for a balanced snack or small meal. 

Don’t make these traveling snack mistakes

Skipping breakfast- Doesn’t need to be fancy, go for easy options like an egg, yogurt and nuts. If you know you are going to be starving before lunch or worked out in the morning, make time to eat something!

Eating bigger restaurant portions- Look for lean protein and veggies on the menu or order a ½ portion. 

Social Influence- Don’t feel pressured into ordering like other people at your table you are with if they do not have the same health goals. 

Drink water and be mindful with alcohol- It’s easy to get behind on water and ahead on the cocktails.

Also, don’t be gross- Pack some sanitizer or wipes to clean your hands and eating space. Gum or mints might also be a good idea 🙂

Here a few of my top favorite healthy travel snacks:


RX Bars (I use the kid’s for snacks)

Epic Bars

KIND Bars (I buy the mini’s)

Fuel for Fire Smoothie Packets

Nuts & Nut Butters (watch out for added sugars)

RX Nut Butters

Justin’s Almond Butter

Roasted Nuts PistachiosAlmondsWalnutsCashewsMacadamia NutsPine Nuts, all of them!


Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Edamame





Tuna Packets

Canned Salmon

Canned Chicken

Jerky (I make my own but like this brand as well)

Smoked Salmon (I make my own but like this brand as well)

Hard Boiled Eggs/Frittatas 


Dairy (may be able to get at the grocery store or at the breakfast buffet)

Plain Yogurt

Plain Kefir

Individual Cheese and Cottage Cheese

Unsweetened milk

Fruits & Veggies

Dehydrated & Dried Fruits & Veggies

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